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Tea is for Tuesday – Weekly Recipe #3

Well it’s that time of the week again!  Time for more tea!!! It’s time to dive into the new year, all the holidays are over, and we’re even out of Mercury Retrograde!  Yay!  So let’s celebrate with a tea that’s good for a pick-me-up! I have been sticking to warm teas for now since it […]

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Tea is for Tuesday – Weekly Recipe #2

So, with the crazy weather here in the Mid-south, I wanted to give something that would maybe help everyone feel a bit more grounded and not so under the weather.  I did find this recipe among my hordes of recipes.  This one came from Mother Earth Living. All of the herbs used are great for […]

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Materia Medica: Chamomile

  Common Names: German Chamomile Roman Chamomile Chamomile Camomile   Botanical Names: Matricaria Recutita (German Chamomile) Anthemis Nobilis (Roman Chamomile)   Parts Affected: Gastrointestinal Tract Nervous System   Actions: Analgesic Anodyne Antibacterial Anti-fungal Anti-inflammatory Antihistamine Antioxidant Antispasmodic Aromatic Carminative Diaphoretic Emetic (in large doses) Febrifuge Nervine Sedative Vulnerary   Parts used: Fresh flowers prior to […]

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Tea is for Tuesday – Weekly Recipe #1

Happy (Tea) Tuesday!!! Something we’re going to start here to provide you continuous goodies and educational information is giving various tea recipes every Tuesday. These recipes will be different than what’s provided in our subscription boxes.  We will discuss the benefits of the given herbal tea blend and whatever other tidbits or inspiration can be […]

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New Subscription Boxes And Magazine Coming Soon!!!

We are happy to announce that the next phase of our business is starting! One of our primary goals has been to sell herbs, but to also educate our customers in using them correctly, and safely. The first subscription box will be shipping on March 15th! We will start accepting payments on January 15th. Everyone […]

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Solidarity with Standing Rock

    As many of you know, the people at Oceti Sakowin who are trying to protect the water and land from contamination by the Dakota Access Pipeline could use some help! Jared, one of the owners, will be going to a local support function in Memphis, TN on Thursday November 17th. If you would […]

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